Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The United Nations of Knitting.

Thank God for the interweb -- the evil creature that sucks away my life and gives me a life all at the same time. As I mentioned before, I am a member of Ravelry, which is an awesome community of knitters and crocheters. I did a people search for Oulu, Finland and up popped 2 pages of people. yay!

I picked an avatar I liked (Marika) and e-mailed her asking for locations of good yarn shops with my fingers crossed. She was so friendly and immediately took me under her wing. I am so grateful. I had no idea how I was going to find shops or fellow knitters since I am too shy to approach people in English.

Well, the knitting group here seems large and lively. We had an impromptu gathering yesterday at Sanna's house. I am kicking myself for not taking a photo, but I did forget. We sat in the garden with a beautiful spread of cake, cookies, tea, and coffee. A total of 9 of us ( and two wee ones ) sat in a sunny garden and knitted away. I am in between projects right now, so I didn't really have anything to work on. I fiddled with my yarn a bit while I chatted and admired everyone's skills.

I have to say that I think I will be learning a lot from these ladies. They have mad skills and make BEAUTIFUL socks and mittens and cowls and sweaters. I was, honestly, pretty embarrassed about my knitting level in comparison. I tend to make silly toys and big goofy scarves. But, I look at it as an opportunity to learn from some experienced knitters. And the best part of it all was that I really felt like I clicked with them. They were very chatty and made a big effort to include me into the conversations. I am looking forward to the next meeting.


Pike said...

Hi there,

and welcome to Finland! I found your blog through Mari's after your knitters' meeting in Oulu. Nive that you found them; I hope you'll be able to meet with them in a regular basis.

About your sauna story: usually it is family who go together to sauna. When we have our friends over, we go either women together or then one family together. If you go both sexes together, you have your towels or swimsuits - at least my generation does (born 1962)
I have once been in sauna with a male friend of mine, naked (just the two of us when he was moving my stuff when I moved) and his girlfriend didn't like it at all. Nor did my boyfriend (now ex, but not because of that! LOL) when I told him, and I hadn't even known him at the time...
All this happened about twenty years ago, but it came vivid to my mind when I read you story.

Hope you and Patrick have a great stay in Finland!

Pirjo, a cross stitcher

Mambinki said...

THat is awesome, Becky! Good for you for taking the initiative to get out there and meet people! You are so cool. Everytime I read your blog it makes me miss Finland and I want to come and visit you!
I just joined Ravelry too :)

YogaNerd said...

Pirjo, thanks for the comment and the well wishes. Your sauna story is pretty funny, and it makes me feel tons better!

Mambinki, the ladies at the meeting told me that Turku is beautiful and that I have to go. So, I thought about you yesterday. I wish you could've been there. Also, I friended you on ravelry. sweet.

seraphim said...

good on ya, sister! i feel like my mother when i say, "i'm glad you're making new friends! now play nice!". btw, there is NO shame in silly toys (i'm still waiting for mine) and big goofy scarves (i pimp mine whenever the weather permits :)

YogaNerd said...

I'm glad you still wear that scarf. It was way too short, and I feel like I owe you a better one. As for your 'silly toy', I haven't seen any patterns yet for felted benoit balls. haha!

Sarah Marie said...

Becky, how does one decide when a scarf is long enough? Scarves are the only thing I knit, and not very well, I might add. I could use some pointers from someone more experienced! :) Does it have to do with how tall the person is, or is there a standard length?

YogaNerd said...

The length of a scarf is a matter of personal preference only. You can make them as short or as long as you wish. I prefer longer scarves. I like to wrap them a couple of times or fold them then wrap them around my neck. Seraphim's scarf was too short for my taste, but he graciously accepted it and rocks it with style.

sari.i. said...

Hi and welcome to Oulu! :)

I found your blog via Marika's and it has been great fun to read your views about Oulu (and Finland in general).

I thought your writing about sauna was so hilarious that I just had to comment. ;D Not all of us like sauna and not all of us go to sauna with punch of naked blokes. ;D I've never done that and I have no plans on doing so. Ever. I think with most families (and women), it's like Pirjo said in the previous comment.

Anyways, I will definitely follow your blog and hopefully Marika will bring you to the local cross stitch meeting sometime. (OK, you can bring your knitting with you). ;D

Marika said...

Still alive ? :-) We have our next gathering in next Tuesday at Ainola Park (or in the cafĂ© if it´s raining). I could pick you up from the university ? We are weekend away but please e-mail me.

-sanna- said...

I just wanted to remind you of the next meeting, but Marika beat me in that. See you next Tuesday!

Maggie Rose said...

stand tall, my love. all of the items you knit are cool. technique grows over time. humor is a fine art that one might be born with. :-)