Saturday, July 12, 2008

A moment of silence for the almighty garlic bulb

Before heading to Finland, Patrick told me that the people of Oulu gather together to have a festival in honor of the almighty garlic in July. I thought "awesome! I love me some garlic". I was really looking forward to looking at garlic lovers and trying new dishes choc-full of garlic. Sadly, the city decided to take a break from the garlic festival. no worries, though, the festival will return in full force next year. I was pretty disappointed. This weekend would have been the weekend of garlic, and the weather is just gorgeous for it. Too bad. so sad.

Even without the festival, our trip into Oulu's city center was perfect. wellllll, almost. It was almost perfect. The bike I have is too big for my short frame, and my ass is killing me. However, I think I will get used to it. We biked in (forgot the camera, sorry) and the views were gorgeous. The bike path was heavily populated today with bikers, walkers, runners, and skaters. Everyone was out trying to soak up the precious sunlight. Once in the city, we stopped at a local bar, had a pint, then biked back home. I love this kind of living.


Anonymous said...

photos! photos! photos!

Dr E

YogaNerd said...

I'll try! I keep forgetting my camera.

--Dr. MG