Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brief hello

After a few days of gloom and rain, the sun has come out today. yay! Patrick and I are going to bike to the city center to see how long it takes us. I'm looking forward to it. We are settling in nicely. Last night we used our sauna again, which was soooo relaxing. And, the neighborhood really is so pretty when I've had my coffee and the sun it out. :D

I hope to have pictures to post later. Have a great Saturday everyone!


Mambinki said...

Finland is so awesome, I'm so glad you are there. Just remember to say Perkele a lot, it is like thank you. Ha ha, no really don't do that.


YogaNerd said...

haha! You are such a bad influence. I've learned two words here so far: kiitos and perkele. The latter I learned from a youtube video of learning finnish with bastards.