Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daily Life

Come along boys and girls as we follow Becky to work:

I wake up in here

Then I move into the living room for a little yoga, meditation, and e-mail check. I bought a yoga mat, and I am sooo glad I did.

After a shower, I eat breakfast with the dinosaurs

Then I am off to work!! Bye apartment! Don't burn down or call international numbers while we are gone! We live on the second floor, second balcony in from the left. HI!

Whistle while you walk.

Hey, I know that guy! Think he'll walk with me?

Look, it's Patrick's buddy. He hangs out at the library all the time.

Almost to work. Birch trees are so pretty!

I spy my office straight ahead. Who can find the telescope dome?

I then spend hours sweating, working, toiling, and slaving away producing the most amazing science ever known to mankind.

After the long day, I head home and...Sit in the Sauna! yay!

After the sauna, we may eat something such as chips. Many common products have funny words on them that reduce me to a snickering 3rd grader. Don't even get me started on the "shampoot". (by the way, "pussi" mean "pouch" in Finnish. Discuss the appropriateness of this amongst yourselves.)

Finally, I curl up in bead to read. Currently, I am enjoying a children's story found in a local bookstore. I seem silly to fly all the way to Finland and buy french books. But, I am so impressed with the french book selections here. It is so cool, and I so badly want to buy more. I constrained myself to one, and it has already made me laugh.


Patrick said...

The dinosaurs outside keep the Finnish population in check.

Mambinki said...

O- I love the pictures. Mina rakastan or however you say.
Is Mummi still a really big deal in Finland?

How long are you guys going to be there?

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos.....

looks like a nice PD. Needless to say you didn't show the Segfaults, nth order differential equations etc etc. other it would have been "wooooo. tough one!"

Dr E.

YogaNerd said...

Mummi is still a big deal around here. Of course, I hadn't heard of it before now. But, those critters sure are cute. We are staying until December 15th. The futon is available to anyone who wishes to visit!!

Dr. E you are speaking too much nerd for this nerd!

Sarah Marie said...

I love love love the walk through of your day. Post more like this, so I can picture you guys there.

Maggie Rose said...

sweet window into your daily route.