Thursday, August 28, 2008

I barely got to know you

Dear Sun,

I miss you. We were getting along so well, and I thought I was starting to mean something to you. Did those midnight bike rides together mean nothing to you? I tried to give you space and not be too clingy. I was okay when you decided to drop below the horizon at 10pm. But, now you refuse even to look at me. I know you are there, but you are always hiding behind your cloud friends. Why have you turned your back on me? Please come back to me.


p.s. I am wearing a sweater today. :(

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's been brought in for repairs

Monday was rainy and gloomy.
Tuesday was drizzly, grey, and gloomy.
Wednesday is grey and cold.

I think the sun is broken! I hope it wakes up from its nap soon and scatters the clouds. I miss the color blue. :D

On an aside note, I got a bike that fits me. yay! Now, I won't have to watch out for racking myself in my girlie-bits with a bicycle bar. And the brakes work. yay! I am learning to appreciate the simple things in life.

Tomorrow we plan to head to downtown Oulu to watch the qualifying round for the Air Guitar World Championships. I am pretty excited.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Falling in love with Finland

The weather has been beautiful this weekend. Blue skies with fluffy clouds. Temperatures in the 60s. niiice.

Saturday, Patrick and I rode our bikes to downtown Oulu. We checked out the local library, which has a large selection of novels written in English. I am interested in borrowing a book on 19th-century gothic tales. It sounds like fun. The nights are getting longer and darker here, so I am in the mood for creepy stories.

After visiting the library, we biked to the gardens. We sat down to have a cup of tea and a little snack. Patrick read while I knitted, and we listened to children laughing and playing. It was very nice. We walked around for a bit and admired the gardens, which had some gorgeous roses in a variety of shades.

It was a perfect day. yay!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The air is thick with ├╝mlauts

Patrick and I just watched the Colbert Report for August 14th. On an aside note, August 14 is my MUCH older brother's birthday -- Happy Birthday, Steven!!

Anyway, during the Report, Colbert mentioned Finland as a country of interest.

Check it out:

Finland has been put on notice! We know what your up to.

we know.