Sunday, August 17, 2008

Falling in love with Finland

The weather has been beautiful this weekend. Blue skies with fluffy clouds. Temperatures in the 60s. niiice.

Saturday, Patrick and I rode our bikes to downtown Oulu. We checked out the local library, which has a large selection of novels written in English. I am interested in borrowing a book on 19th-century gothic tales. It sounds like fun. The nights are getting longer and darker here, so I am in the mood for creepy stories.

After visiting the library, we biked to the gardens. We sat down to have a cup of tea and a little snack. Patrick read while I knitted, and we listened to children laughing and playing. It was very nice. We walked around for a bit and admired the gardens, which had some gorgeous roses in a variety of shades.

It was a perfect day. yay!


Rebecca said...

hi rebecca, it's rebecca :)
sounds like you did have a perfect day! yeah you!

Mambinki said...

Sounds wonderful!!! Ihana!

seraphim said...

it does sound wonderful, bitches! tea in finland. hmmph! i had tea today, too. at city cafe in beautiful, lovely, and historic downtown northport! ~sigh~ i'm going to go weep now but glad you're having a great time - and looking great!!!

katy said...

I just realized I can see pictures of finlandia on your blog...that I hadn't even been to til now... IT looks beautiful there... sheesh did you knit patrick another cute wig this weekend?

Maggie Rose said...

gothic novels? yay. be sure to read Horace Walpole's Castle of Otranto which started the whole thing off. it is soooo cool. a really good movie should be made out of it (vs. a cheesy version).