Thursday, August 28, 2008

I barely got to know you

Dear Sun,

I miss you. We were getting along so well, and I thought I was starting to mean something to you. Did those midnight bike rides together mean nothing to you? I tried to give you space and not be too clingy. I was okay when you decided to drop below the horizon at 10pm. But, now you refuse even to look at me. I know you are there, but you are always hiding behind your cloud friends. Why have you turned your back on me? Please come back to me.


p.s. I am wearing a sweater today. :(


Patrick said...

We may have to get a miniature sun clone. We should get some hydrogen, a really powerful space heater, and the parts to build a magnetic containment field.

...or we could get a full spectrum bulb.

YogaNerd said...

get on that, Patrick! Make me my own personal ball of Sunshine. Do it. I don't want to have to snuggle up to a heartless, rigid lightbulb.

Marika said...

Ok, remember when we warned you in first knitting meeting. ;-) This is actually nothing to what it´s going to be in November. I´ll be away couple of weeks but if we find time to have coffee after that !

Mambinki said...

It is going to be so dark that you'll do nothing but listen to Nine Inch Nails all winter. Or at least that is how my Finnish winter went. Then again, I was 16.

a. brooke said...

so you don't have any right now? that's crazy! you better start popping those vitamin D pills so you don't get S.A.D.

Maggie Rose said...

oh dear. early september and the lack of sun and the sweater cold weather is affecting your skin receptors, my little bundle of southern sunshine? yikes. sorry. sweet warm hugs. (Patrick, find that full spectrum bulb fast. strap it to the visor of a baseball hat.)