Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's been brought in for repairs

Monday was rainy and gloomy.
Tuesday was drizzly, grey, and gloomy.
Wednesday is grey and cold.

I think the sun is broken! I hope it wakes up from its nap soon and scatters the clouds. I miss the color blue. :D

On an aside note, I got a bike that fits me. yay! Now, I won't have to watch out for racking myself in my girlie-bits with a bicycle bar. And the brakes work. yay! I am learning to appreciate the simple things in life.

Tomorrow we plan to head to downtown Oulu to watch the qualifying round for the Air Guitar World Championships. I am pretty excited.


a. brooke said...

i have actually read articles about this before & i am so jealous i can't stand it!
screw karaoke- this is where the real love is at!

seraphim said...

hello kerttu!!! i believe the problem with the sun lies with retrograde motion and parallax (my brain just hurt at having to type those words!). anywhooo....glad you got a bike that fits you. i know you must be pumped! it is the simple things that get me too! and loves the air guitar! i guess that's the trade-off to socialized medicine. everyone gets to see the doctor for free, but not enough guitars to go around! in america, we have guitars! AND cancer! AMERICA! LOVE IT! go figure!