Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Family Circus

I've been procrastinating all day. The sky is clear and blue. The temperature is perfect, but I am sitting inside wishing I were out there. :( So, instead of working, I have been looking for knitting patterns. I've finally picked up the knitting needles again. woo hoo! I'm falling in love with knitting all over again.

I'm almost done knitting the Hallowig I started a looong time ago. It looks like this: And the pattern can be found on the Knitty website

I will post a photo once I am done. It looks like I knitted it a little too small. Maybe I will send it to my sister and force her to put it on my nephew for a laugh. That's mean, but we have to have some photos to torture him with when he's a stinky teenager.

Anyway, I am so close to being done that I am already looking for my next pattern. I am a member of an awesome knitting website called Ravelry. I have found so many patterns for adorable toys, hats, mittens, scarves, etc. You name it. They've got it.

I am interested in making a Jayne hat from the TV show Firefly:

However, I have been particularly interested in knitting the geekier patterns such as

crocheting the Lorentz manifold from a paper from Bristol University website. I think this might be a cool gift for my stepdad.

Another idea is to take a word or phase and convert it to binary code. Binary code can be translated into a knitting pattern by using purl for 0 and knit for 1. This way, you can knit a secret message into your scarf. I like that idea.

Or I could just these socks from Knitty

You wouldn't believe the cute patterns they have on Ravelry. hmm. Maybe you would believe it. Do you even care about knitting? lol. Sorry if you don't. I am just so excited to have the time to knit again. I didn't list nearly all the patterns I'd like to make. Others include the Bender Bending Rodriguez doll, sushi, a mushroom, a wonder woman sweater (way out of my league), and Shaun the Sheep from Wallace and Grommit.

So, why is this blog titled 'The Family Circus'? Because during my search for patterns, I ran across this Funny Cartoon poking fun at the family circus: It's funny to me b/c everyday as I lock the house, I step back inside to check that the coffee maker is off. I know it is off. When I turn it off I say to myself 'see, you turned it off. So, no need to check when you leave'. However, standing at the door, I am no longer certain I didn't say that yesterday. woo hoo...dontcha just LOVE developing OCD tendencies?! I don't! :D

Ok, back to work...


Sarah Marie said...

Dear Becky, I love the insight into your thought processes. Also, I would be your bestest, most awesomest, most life-longingest friend EVER if you knitted me a bender bending rodriguez doll. OMG how cool would that be???? Also, I am glad that I now know what a Hallowig is!

YogaNerd said...

Dear Sarah,

check this out:

loves it! I also like the fact that I can buy your loyalty with a little trans gendered robot. awesome.

Patrick said...

I vote for the Jayne hat (because I want to wear it) or Shaun the Sheep.

Sarah Marie said...

OMG, I would (...could?...can????) snuggle with Bender every night while I dream of Becky giving me a hug and Patrick standing nearby, in a pink Hallowig. *sigh* Sounds like heaven.

Maggie Rose said...

lol. Dear Mr. Monk, our family soooo understands your ordeals. Love, Mother of the OCD Movement a.k.a. Mother of the whatEVER Generation :-)