Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interesting tidbit

In Finland, when people move out, they take the light fixtures with them. When we moved in, we only had little wires hanging from the center of the ceiling to indicate there once was a light present. We had to borrow all of our furniture, cookware, silverware, linens, and light fixtures! That would make sense to me if the light fixture was a crystal chandelier or something, but many of them are plastic or glass... nothing fancy. hmmm.

okay, I've procrastinated enough. I'm gonna get back to work now.


a. brooke said...

you should get some heinous, nasty colored glass light fixture.

and i'm not talking about one that's just ugly. i mean one that makes people say "dang" to the point that they sit over beers saying things like "honestly, sweetheart, what the hell could they have been thinking. these are not the aesthetics of finnish style"

so now you know where i stand....

YogaNerd said...

I have taken note of where you stand on the issue. *Brooke wants to offend the sensibilities of the natives'. I see how you roll.


Anonymous said...

Just wire in wall sockets everywhere!

Then you can string Christmas lights from room to room. Oh oh, get the blinking kind. Woo woo.


YogaNerd said...

lol, I like the X-mas lights idea. I used to put those (the non blinking kind) on the ceiling of my room back in my younger days. They set a nice mood.

Maggie Rose said...

the dutch do the same thing! maybe it's a european thing