Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moniker not monocle

Patrick and I biked to work today. As we pulled up to the building, I had a revelation which I had to share with Patrick.

I said, 'Patrick, I've decided that I want you to call me Rebecca. Uhhh, Dr. Rebecca. Make that Dr. Rebecca, PhD'

So, suck it! You all have to call me that too.

(note: First goofy image was 'borrowed' from while the second image was 'borrowed' from the wikipedia page for 'monocle')


a. brooke said...

all right boss-lady...ooops. i meant to say "all right, boss-lady rebecca."

hope everything's going well in finland!

Brad said...

Nope, not gonna happen. I'm sticking to: Yo, doc!

seraphim said...

dr. rebecca....sounds 'porn-ish'. and i like it!

YogaNerd said...

Don't make me kill you with my brain. I can do it too. And, I'm talking to all three of you...Brooke, Brad, and Seraphim. I'm watching you three.

Maggie Rose said...

Dear Dr. Rebecca, I have this on-going problem with my left ankle. What do you recommend? signed: Somebody Who Is NOT Gonna Oblige Ya :-) (I'm with Brad on this one.)