Monday, November 19, 2007

Planet Earth

I know I'm behind the times. Not having cable or free time usually results in being a year or two behind what is hip and happening. I finally watched an episode of Planet Earth last night. I was so impressed with the visuals, the narration, and the animals. It makes me long for the days I was a marine biology student.

I particularly enjoyed the birds working hard to attract a mate. The birds, with their aggressive dances, reminded me of the the Night at the Roxbury guys. You decide.


KreativeMix said...


Patrick said...

Those crazy evolved lizards (the birds, not the Roxberry guys).

Maggie Rose said...

me. me. pick me. I loved the bird video. the other one was ... well, just sad. ;-)

YogaNerd said...

I thought it was pretty neat, too, kreativemix! Thanks for stopping by.

I just love watching those birds hop around. Nature truly is fascinating.

Maggie Rose, if you have not seen this series, I highly recommend it for you. Maybe the BR library will get a copy.