Saturday, November 10, 2007

Working on a Saturday

Typical. I am sitting at my desk. It's gorgeous outside, but I'm freezing my tukus off indoors. The guilt is settling in on my heart. I should be working. I must get such and such done.

My therapist labels these thought patterns as "must"erbation and "should"ing on yourself

I "must" avoid these things. They are pointless and useless.

I am feeling particularly guilty today because I'm on a major deadline to finish my dissertation and get the "F" outta here. I've been on campus today for 2 hours now, and I've done nothing but eat lunch and start a new blog. I also joined an online group called which seems pretty cool. You recommend books and can read the recommendations of others. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your Saturday! Have a beer for me!


Maggie Rose said...

ah. so that's how we got on was a Saturday at work thingy. (((Becca)))

YogaNerd said...

yes, I was invited by a friend. I really like it though. I enjoy comparing books with my friends. I love books. I want a barnes and noble inside my house!