Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Paris update

Two things:

1. I saw a lady today biking with a dog in her basket. I always thought that image was a stereotype, and not a true one. But there they were, both cute as can be. And the dog had a little visor on b/c it can get windy riding up front.

2. I have a new, very awesome apartment. There are so many wonderful things about where I am living. I am in the heart of Paris. I walk along the Seine and pass Notre Dame on my way to work.

...and there is a guy on the 2nd floor across the street playing the violin.


So far so relaxing.


Patrick said...


Rebecca said...

so you're here! was wondering if you'd be coming or not. glad you're enjoying it so far!

YogaNerd said...

Patrick, I'm ready for your visit!

Rebecca, I have made it. I have been here for two weeks. Lots to do to settle in. I'm learning to deal with the french bureaucracy, which is interesting.