Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I decided to watch a little French TV so that I could hear everyday French being spoken. Tonight I found "La Roue de la Fortune" guessed it, it's the French version of the Wheel of Fortune. The French Vanna (I will call her LaVanna) is a little slutty (as seen in the photo) with big boobs and lips. She bounced around the stage giggling and dancing. She had to lug some board out to the middle of the stage and set it up. It was weird. I was thinking "why don't they do that during a commercial and make a stage hand do it?" But no, they wanted this lady to do it. They had a dog come out on stage. He was cute (see photo), but it seemed kind of random. He didn't do anything but sit on the desk and look cute. Oh, except when LaVanna dropped some candy, they let the dog go and clean it up. The host was mild mannered and seemed really bored. He leaned on the desk looking like he couldn't give a crap about anything. It was his body language and tone of voice that seemed...soooooo bored. He raised his voice only slightly to say "push, push, push" because those contestants had the weakest spins I have ever seen. I think their arms are made out of jello. I'm pretty sure they would've been booed in the US. The contestants were okay, except for their puny spins, but they would groan and throw their hands in the air and say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" when they got bankrupt. I think they discourage contestants from showing how pissed they are in the US version. It was fascinating to watch. Then during a break, I saw the cutest commercial ever!

who me? have baby fever? noooooooo.


Rebecca said...

just so you'll be proud to be an american... did you know your slutty lavanna is american? brahahahaa!

Rebecca said...

i lied
actually my friends lied to me
i looked it up and she's not american but swedish
and won a bar contest for best faked orgasm at the ripe old age of 16 (per wikipedia)

YogaNerd said...

This resume of hers is impressive, indeeed! That's so funny. She definitely wasn't on there to class-up the joint.

I was totally sucked in to the show, though and found it hilarious.

I think the pathetic spin of the wheel is going to keep me from watching again. It was difficult to process so much apathy.

Maggie Rose said...

isn't SATIRE the point of the show? are they serious?

YogaNerd said...

I don't think they are serious. It was interesting to see the difference between the American and French versions of the show. I think the American version takes itself much more seriously.