Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little piece

I have been so busy lately. It's a blessing to have so much activity in my life, but at the same time I feel somewhat breathless. I like being able to stop and look around every now and then.

Tonight, Patrick and I are taking a night train to Turku, Finland. We are attending a meeting of Finnish Astronomers which will be action packed and fun-filled for two days. I am presenting a poster there that I sort of slaved over needlessly. The meeting is packed with so many talk that I doubt anyone will have the time to read my fabulous poster. Too bad b/c it's a gem.

We have decided to stick around southern Finland this weekend to do a little touristing. So, Saturday we will poke around Turku and probably visit a castle. Sunday we take a train to Helsinki to poke around there for a day we may visit a fortress or a rock church or the natural history museum. Monday afternoon we are hopping a train back to Oulu. It should be fun, and I am not taking my laptop so that I can unplug for a bit.

I'll post photos when I return if I'm not immediately sucked back into the vortex of 'work work work faster faster faster'!


a. brooke said...

i hope you guys have fun! and i bet people will come to your poster presentation. at least at archaeological conferences, i've heard people say that posters are the best way to actually talk to people about what you're doing.
get in touch when you get back.
oh, and watch our for the dutch in the meantime. i hear they're active this time of year

Sarah Marie said...

Good luck at the presentation! I want to see lots of pictures from your trip posted when you get back!