Thursday, October 02, 2008

2 blogs in 1 day! It's like Christmas!

Okay, I have to post this video. Sarah Silverman is hilarious in this, and the message is a good one. It does get tedious during the last minute with the whole 5 friends pyramid scheme thing, but stick through it for Sarah.

Don't Vote!

My two favorite quotes:

'I haven't done sh*t on drugs beside play play Halo2'
'You can literally register to vote while pooping, if you have a laptop'

Speaking of voting, I voted! I received my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday. I have darkened in the Obama/Biden oval with the supplied pencil. I was very meticulous about not having stray pencil marks on the page or marking outside the oval. I even wrote in a friend for the US house of representatives. The ballot has been sealed, and I just need to mail it back. sweet!


Patrick said...

Giovanni Ribisi rocks.

a. brooke said...

"it'll be herpes, except for positive."

i love that woman.

Sarah Marie said...

Rock the (absentee) vote, Becky!