Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This can not be natural

I debated about putting this video on my blog because I actually feel pretty bad for this lady. She obviously cares about the environment, but has no clue how rainbows form. I find it funny, and yet I can't really laugh at it.

My reluctance to laugh at her ignorance must come from teaching students about the phases of the moon and the seasons on Earth. Many people have misconceptions about these two concepts. I'm used to hearing some pretty unusual theories and working through those with the student. I won't allow myself to laugh at them just because they misunderstood something.

The same goes for this lady and her evil fluoride induced rainbows. I don't know what she thinks is 'in' a rainbow, but I'd be interested in asking her how she thinks they form.

And, I guess by posting this I have sort of mocked this woman. I'm just a little stunned by it all.

What do you think about it?


a. brooke said...

as someone who gets to explain evolution, i definitely understand about crazy theories.

but my favorite part was at the end where she rotated the camera for the purpose of fully showing "the rainbow" from multiple perspectives.
it's hilarious, and kind of sad, too.

Patrick said...

I think failblog already mocked her.

Maggie Rose said...

sad. not really funny, imo. not at all. just pathetic and sad.

YogaNerd said...

Brooke, you teach evolution? I didn't know you taught a fiction course. I thought you only taught anthropology. Are you minoring in creative writing?

Patrick, you are right. And I guess I did too.

Maggie rose, I agree. It is sad. She's passionate but uninformed.