Tuesday, January 29, 2008


dude. you almost got assimilated. You gotta watch out for the Borg-cat hybrids. That's some serious shizz.


Sarah Marie said...

Ha ha ha!

Maggie Rose said...

I have no idea what those collected words even mean. *sigh*

but it's a cool pic.

YogaNerd said...

Maggie Rose -- It is just a nerdy Star Trek the Next Generation reference. The bad guys were called the Borg. And they would say "Resistance is futile" and "You will be assimilated". Here is a photo of a good guy assimilated as bad guy:

I'm glad y'all like the pic. It cracked me up. What a fierce laser beam of death. I'm going to thank the Stuff On My Cat website in my dissertation acknowledgments. It's keeping me relatively sane.

Patrick said...

If most of the Borg were cats rather than humanoids, I think they would have quickly conquered Earth.