Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What's in a name?

How would you refer to your significant other if you were cohabitating with no plans for marriage? I don't feel like the term "boyfriend" covers the relationship. When I introduce Patrick as my boyfriend, people look a little shocked when the follow up question is answered with "We've been together over 7 years". The word boyfriend feels too temporary. I could call him my partner, and I kind of like the gender ambiguity of that. Significant Other feels too stuffy and official for casual conversation. I sometimes call him my husband b/c it is just easier. But, it's not the truth. I also don't want to call him my fiance b/c we have no plans on getting married.

So, here are a names I am considering calling Patrick:

Bit of stuff
The father of my cat
My Old Man
Better half
Voice of reason
Ride home from the bars

Do you like any of them? Got any ideas of your own? Let me know.


Brad said...

How about 'Goofball'?

Patrick said...

How about "intellectual superior?"


YogaNerd said...

Goofball is appropriate and it rolls easily off the tongue. I like it!

"intellectual superior"? You know I don't like to lie, Patrick.

Mambinki said...

I like 'Voice of Reason'. Runner up is 'Ride home from the bars'.

Sarah Marie said...

Father of my cat is my favorite.

Maggie Rose said...

I've been thinking about this question of name/category and it has finally "come to me": don't use a category for extra identification of Patrick. rather, after introducing him "This is Patrick." smile as you think privately of how he matters to your life and THEN add "He counts."

more of a description of what is rather than a category.

how's that sound?