Thursday, December 27, 2007

Revelation of the day -- a.k.a. who can I blame today?

No matter how many cookies I eat, I still have to write my dissertation.

Reality sucks sometimes.

I wish I were a wizard like Gandolf. I bet he could give the act of "eating cookies" the power to "write a dissertation". I would be finished if I were Gandolf.

I blame my parents.

Why didn't they send me to wizarding school? They only sent me to a stupid magnet school. Darn them and their short sightedness.


Anonymous said...

Damn, if only we were gandolf we would have sent julie and eric a wedding present by now. I blame my mom, for instilling in me the power of m & m's along with procrastination. I really need to send them something! Did I mention I made the dean's list last semester?

YogaNerd said...

Congratulations on making the Dean's list. You are kicking ass, and I love it! I'm so proud of you.

It's been longer than 6 months. Is it tackier for us to send a gift almost a year later or not to send one at all?

Maggie Rose said...

hey now! watch it with the "blame the parents" thought. humpf.

YogaNerd said...

well who else should I blame? My parents were in charge of my "schooling", and as far as tell, I am not a wizard.

okay, I'll blame my brothers. They instilled into me a fear of being chased, so I'm sure they affected me in other unknown ways too.